Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura
Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are comedians who are also married. They are the Mommies and they welcome you to join them. Dental updates! Dudes! Stories! Wiping!

Jeans, Jeans, Jeans - here's a riddle for you: What do you call a lesbian that doesn't eat p***y? We don't know either, but some lady is pretty worked up about it.

The Mommies have an announcement so big they have to play a new sound cue just to live up to the magnitude of it - you'll just have to listen. 

Plus can you have jeans sewn into your skin so you never have to change them? 

Serial killers are such a fascinating, but disagreeable bunch of fellas. Have you heard of Ted Bundy? Not nice. We listen to audio of him talking about his favorite activity - killing.

AND it's the return of our favorite GIGOLO -BRACE. He has a bombshell announcement and gets down and dirty about a lot of his Ho'in details. 

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