Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura
Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are comedians who are also married. They are the Mommies and they welcome you to join them. Dental updates! Dudes! Stories! Wiping!

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YOU'RE JUST IT! Tom Segura and Christina P start off this episode of Your Mom's House by discussing the masseuse that struggled to pronounce the name "Segura." They move on to talk about Paulina Porizkova, ugly shoes, Jeff Bezos's girlfriend, the recent YMH Studios photoshoot, and Tom announces that he's running for president. Jean and Jean watch videos of a cool brick challenge, a dude who is furious about an orange lighter, a guy on TikTok who is mad at Joe Rogan, a phallic trophy ceremony, a mommy's impression of Christina, some of CP's TikTok curations, and much more!

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