Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura
Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are comedians who are also married. They are the Mommies and they welcome you to join them. Dental updates! Dudes! Stories! Wiping!

Is your baby's mama here? You bet. Would you like to meet him? You should. You know, for the children.

If you're trying to take it all the way down your throat we have expert advice that's gonna set you straight (don't take it so far).

Plus a UK coach can drop that fire the same way Coach Ice does - only it sounds sweeter. 

Some news reports are silly and some make you ask What The F*** Are We Doing Here? And then sometimes someone makes a song about it that's worthy of multiple replays. 

Plus we have the Full Charge droppin sweet science on everything including Puddin Pops and Spanish Fly, Rude and Theo too. Oh, Cosby.

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Duncan Trussell is here! You may know Duncan "Truffles" as the guy who has sex with pigs for laughs, but he's more than that!

D-Truss is our friend, a fellow podcaster and comedian, this sweet and enlightened man is here shining his radiance on us in a way only he can do. 

We examine #TEAMLITTLED**K and what it means to breathe thru the bump in your baby head with the Smith siblings. 

Plus Duncan takes us down the path of goodness. He points us and hopefully you towards the light with ideas and philosophies that are from a higher power, but simplified in a way that likens them to your poo covered B-hole. 

Get your denim space suit on, we're leaving the Stratosphere on this one!

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Jeans Unit Mount Up! This is it. The mountain top of YMH. We give you some Portland show and Chicargo show (Seattle was AWESOME BTW, just not as good audio quality).

We get into prison talk, break down some drunk talk, sing POP, Braxton songs, Dental Updates, Would You Rather's, Fill Her Ups and soooo much more! 

This is the SUPER SHOW episode of Super Shows. Plus a special guest that's gonna knock your jeans right off!!

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It's On, JEANS! Once a week shows are back and here's the first one. 

We help Christina's old college BF find a lady as he is now Sinnnnnnnglllllleeee again. Would you like to date him? It's an option. 

Tommy is busy writing songs that are so good, he doesn't even name them. He just gives them to the Universe. Will he collaborate with the Braxton's? We're WORKING ON IT!

Go On, Gurl is a pretty good movie, but you'll want pizza with lots of pepperoni on it - Just a Heads up. 

If you're white, just be respectful to cops. Seriously, what's your problem? 

Plus don't use your hands to grab communal food, dumb dumb. 

POP, Hold it down some more. 

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