Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura
Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are comedians who are also married. They are the Mommies and they welcome you to join them. Dental updates! Dudes! Stories! Wiping!

Oh Meowmy, we got sidetracked by life this week, but we still wear them high for you. 

In this episode you get to wear your classic jeans and find the origins of Foreign Accent Syndrome. Have you heard your voice? It doesn't sound the way it used to.

PLUS we include the LIVE from MOMTREAL YMH at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival with a BANGIN audience.

We talk about the great (angry) dog trainer, Peter Caine, French curse words, Top Dog's REAL murder story and Christina's dad and how good he must be at lovin the ladies. 

There's a FILL HER UP, Would You Rather and MORE! 


Nique ta mere!

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Does it turn you on when you think of your spouse being filled with the love mustard of another man? We have the place for you.

Our new poly, bi lifestyle isn't just for us. We want to share it with you and fluid bond with you. 

SURPRISE - we have an improptu Top Dog call and it does NOT disappoint!

Tommy's workout crushed him and he's seeking motivation.

Plus we explore what is Amaze and that is the wonder of Dennis Rodman in a new documentary that chronicles his trip to North Korea. 


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Do you wear your jeans high? Then this is the place for you. 

Sometimes you gotta get so high you feel all out panic. That's not for us but some of you LIVE for that feeling!

Tommy had to throw away a box that something came in and it brought up so many difficult feelings that have contributed to his hoarding. Lets explore his past trauma.

A lady gets mad at Wells Fargo and says something that, lets just say, might go down as the all time greatest drop in YMH history. KISS IT!

Plus we get into some of Tom's new hobbies. Won't you help come up with a performer name for him!?!

No Loose Jeans allowed!!

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JEANS UP! We made it - to episode 300. Can you believe it? We never thought our jeans could get any tighter, but every day they sink into our skin even more. 

This episode is pure mommy magic. From balloon porn and the lost souls that do it to what the most intimate of acts get you in the adult biz (it's $100). 

Plus Jared from Subway and Cosby are both in deeper trouble as news of new allegations for one and MORE evidence for another comes to light - it's not good for either, Rudy.

Did Tom get another Double Pipe Classic this week?? Was it something new? Find out!

Plus we play some angry on set rants from actors and a new player enters the You Know What I'm Sayin championship, ya heard me?

We also recap some of our all-time favorite moments. 

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Pull those jeans up, but leave those condoms at home! We party around here!

Congrats to those same-sex jeans that want to wear rings too. IT'S ABOUT F*****G TIME!!

We get into it with some help from a really neat guy who throws adventurous birthday parties. Plus, what language do you hate hearing the most? Middle eastern in origin? Asian? Latin? We'll explore. 

You thought you'd heard everthing from the sweet Thai lady who explored with Two Gentlemen, but she's got more to say and it is AMAZE.

We find out who Calvin is and have a new song that we're sure you'll hate. 

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