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Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are comedians who are also married. They are the Mommies and they welcome you to join them. Dental updates! Dudes! Stories! Wiping!

If Water drinking had a Super Bowl, this episode would be it. Pick your sides and deal with the results cause after this one, there will only be ONE. The Water Gawd. 

If thrive to be the best is that like striving to be the best? What if you have 4 teeth? Can you still be the best? Now add 400 or so pounds. Yup, the best. 

We love coaches and mentors as much as anyone else, but when said mentor speaks directly and curses non stop, well then we fall in love. 

Daniel Pena is straight forward and doesn't worry about feelings. Gnaw mean? 

Plus, let's get to the bottom of Bart being fat. This episode has BOTH sides of the story. 

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H2O and H2NO if you ask Tommy, the self-proclaimed "water champ." But Tina, she has other ideas up her sleeve, including a very sneaky plan that she reveals in this episode. 

PLUS, pig-calling, mastering accents, more fat Bert fun and then some, Ya feel us? 

To bring it home we have yet another Hall of Fame call from Top Dog and this time he weighs in on Double Pipe Classics. 

You can never have too much denim. 

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If there's one thing about black women that are about to throw down in public, it's LET THEM SPEAK. Something really great and probably funny that you never could have thought of is gonna fly. 

We have a new message to the Fuhrer from Dani and this one involves food and emergency services at Sea!

How fat is Bert? Very. How aware is Bert that he is fat? We happen to think not enough. Look deep inside yourself and try to find a fun, effective way to let Bert know that he is fat and find out WHY he's that fat. 

We have Persian translations, IRISH AKA English translations, Would You Rather's and a WHOLE lot more! 

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If you puke on TV but then keep doing your TV job, you are what we call a PROFESSIONAL. Shout out to SWEDEN!

Do you like rats? Do you have kids? Are you super lonely? Here's a tip: ditch the rats, keep the kids and someone worthwhile will come in to your life. It's just that rat "thing" that's keeping people away. 

Our Super Jew producer brought us a video about how to spot a Jew. But, like we said, he's a Jew. We don't know what he's up to but it feels really Jewey. 

The Master Of Accents is BACK! Will he finally be defeated by an inimitable cadence? 

Plus FAN MAIL, PATREON, and TINA JEANS is hitting the road again. Get those JEANS ON!!

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PATREON, I told you to put that down!

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WOW! say it again! WOW! Open your mouth so the whole dog can fit in the bathtub!

Today we discover which gender we are (it's really changing at every moment). Plus Bert Is Fat and Why Is Bert So Fat really took off! We have all the fat comments. 

Dental Updates, dating inflatable animals, Joey Diaz being a SAVAGE and more!


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